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Community Colleges Syllabus

Name of the Diploma Course Syllabus
1. Diploma in Office Automation
2. Diploma in Hardware & Networking
3. Diploma in Fashion Merchandising
4. Diploma in Apparel Merchandising
5. Diploma in Digital Film Making
6. Diploma in Computer Application & Design Technology
7. Diploma in Broadcast Journalism
8.Diploma in Basic Tamil
9.Diploma in Traditional Medicine
10.Diploma in Bharatha Natiyam
11.Diploma in Tamil Neri Valipatiyal
12.Diploma in Tamil Teacher Training
13.Diploma in Tamil Pannisai
14.Diploma in Diet Regiment
15.Diploma in Four Wheeler Mechanism
16.Diploma in Naturopathy
17.Diploma in Health Assistance
18.Diploma in Garment Design and Making
19.Diploma in Office Management & Accounting
20.Diploma in DTP
21.Diploma in Accountancy and Tally
22.Diploma in Secretarial Practice
23. Diploma in Hotel Management
24. Diploma in Multimedia
25. Diploma in Health and Welfare Assistance
26. Diploma in Medical Transcription
27. Diploma in Yoga Science
28. Advanced Diploma in Multimedia and Animation
29. Advanced Diploma in Garment Designing
30. Diploma in Child Care & Creche Management
31. Diploma in Communicative English
32. Diploma in Auto Electrician
33. Diploma in Automobile Maintenance
34. Diploma in Electrical Technician
35. Diploma in Acupuncture Science
36. Diploma in Paraiyattakkalai
37. Diploma in Multimedia and Animation
38. Diploma in Digital Short Film Making
39. Diploma in Screen Play Writing
40. Diploma in Cinematography and Film Making
41. Diploma in Web Server Administration
41. Diploma in Event Management
42. Diploma in Special Educational Needs
43. Diploma in Teaching and Learning
44. Diploma in Classical Acupuncture Life Science
45. Advanced Diploma in Classical Acupuncture Life Science
46. Certificate Course in Classical Acupuncture Life Science
47. Certificate Course in Teaching Children with Dyslexia
48. Diploma in Apparel Merchandising
49. Diploma in Fashion Merchandising